High Carb Foods To Avoid


In this article we give you a list of foods that are high in carbohydrates that you should try and avoid on a keto diet.

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This is not a definitive list but covers most of the popular options

All Sugars

 White sugar
 Brown sugar
 Powdered sugar
 Any food with added sugar
 Processed food with added sugar
 Junk food with added sugar
 Jams and Preserves
 Some Sauces (check nutritional label and ingredients)
 Fructose (sugar in fruit)
 Some Salad Dressings (check nutritional label and ingredients)
 Cocoa mix
 Molasses
 Honey
 High-fructose corn syrup and foods made with it
 Syrups

The food industry has a lot of different names for sugar, in fact there are over 60 ways that they try and sneakily hide it in products. Are you ready for this

Agave nectar, Barbados sugar, Barley malt, Barley malt syrup, Beet sugar, Brown sugar, Buttered syrup, Cane juice, Cane juice crystals, Cane sugar, Caramel, Carob syrup, Castor sugar, Coconut palm sugar, Coconut sugar, Confectioner’s sugar, Corn sweetener, Corn syrup, Corn syrup solids, Date sugar, Dehydrated cane juice, Demerara sugar, Dextrin, Dextrose, Evaporated cane juice, Free-flowing brown sugars, Fructose, Fruit juice, Fruit juice concentrate, Glucose, Glucose solids, Golden sugar, Golden syrup, Grape sugar, HFCS (High-Fructose Corn Syrup), Honey, Icing sugar, Invert sugar, Malt syrup, Maltodextrin, Maltol, Maltose, Mannose, Maple syrup, Molasses, Muscovado, Palm sugar, Panocha, Powdered sugar, Raw sugar, Refiner’s syrup, Rice syrup, Saccharose, Sorghum Syrup, Sucrose, Sugar (granulated), Sweet Sorghum, Syrup, Treacle, Turbinado sugar, Yellow sugar


Baked Goods and Sweets

These are a goner, you will not be surprised to hear – sorry

 Cookies
 Cake
 Pie
 Brownies
 Donuts
 Pastries
 Muffins
 And all others



No chance with most of these – the sugar content in common chocolate brands is stunning

 Chocolate Bars
 Hard Candy
 Milk Chocolate
 Cotton Candy
 And all others made with sugar

Now I don’t want to pick on a certain chocolate manufacturer that sells in the UK and elsewhere but here are some of the figures for sugar in a couple of their brands, as you can imagine most other common products are similar

These are truly staggering numbers and in fact evidence is showing that since the 90’s the percentage in the products is actually INCREASING

Flake (32g) 18g Sugar 4.5 Teaspoons
Wispa (39g) 20.5g Sugar 5 Teaspoons
Dairy Milk (45g) 25g Sugar 6.25 Teaspoons
Crunchie (40g) 26g Sugar 6.5 Teaspoons
Double Decker (54.5g) 29.5g Sugar 7.5 Teaspoons


As a general guideline over half the product is sugar by weight – jeez

Packaged/Processed Snacks

 Flavored Nuts
 Pretzels
 Rice Cakes
 Breakfast Bars
 Cheese and Crackers Snacks
 Raisins
 Potato Chips
 Tortilla Chips
 Popcorn
 Pop-tarts
 Granola Bars
 Twinkies
 Cupcakes
 And other boxed snacks and products

Some of these products often have the double whammy of being high in salt as well – nuts, pretzels and crackers in particular depending on the brand


 Flavored Dairy
 Added Sugar Dairy
 Fruit At The Bottom or Sugar Added Yogurt
 Whole and Skimmed Milk
 Soy Milk
 Ice Cream
 Margarine
 Pudding
 Cottage Cheese

Sugary And Starchy Fruit

Medium Sugar Fruit which includes the following

 Blueberries
 Coconut Meat
 Cantaloupes
 Watermelons
 Nectarines
 Papaya
 Peaches
 Apples
 Grapefruit
 Honeydew Melons
 Guavas
 Apricots

High Sugar Fruit

If the fruit is sweet there is a basic reason for it – it is full of fructose

 Oranges
 Kiwifruit
 Pears
 Pineapple
 Plums
 Cherries
 Grapes
 Figs (Also Starchy)
 Bananas (Also Starchy)
 Mangos
 Tangerines
 Pomegranates
 Dates
 Applesauce

 Dried fruit (worst choice as it has very high concentrations of sugar from the drying process)

Also bear in mind tinned and pots of fruit which can be stored in sugar as well – just to make things worse

Starchy Vegetables

 White Potatoes (French fries and potato chips)
 Sweet Potatoes or Yams
 Corn
 Peas
 Squash
 Root vegetables not advised for very low carb diets (beets, carrots, parsnips, rutabaga, turnips, butternut squash, and winter squash)

Grains And Starches

 Any Fried Food
 White Rice
 Bread, Bagels and English Muffins
 Croissants
 Tortillas
 Pasta
 Cold Breakfast Cereals
 Oatmeal
 Cream of Wheat
 Porridge
 Barley
 Amaranth
 Millet
 Quinoa
 Spelt
 Couscous
 Bulgur
 Rye
 Muesli
 Crackers
 Pizza
 Corn Starch
 Pancakes
 Waffles
 French Toast
 White Flour
 Whole-Wheat Flour
 Rice Flour
 Corn Flour
 All Whole Grains Too


 Pinto Beans
 Black Beans
 Kidney Beans
 Chickpeas
 Navy Beans
 Lima Beans
 Baked Beans
 Lentils


One of the easiest way to pile on the calories and the amount of sugar is Soda

 Soda
 Juice
 All Sweetened Drinks
 Sweetened Or Flavored Tea
 Sweetened Or Flavored Coffee
 Frappuccino Coffee Drinks
 Milk Shakes
 Root Beer Floats
 Malts
 Frozen Coffee Drinks
 Sports Drinks (unless zero calorie)
 Beer
 Sweet cocktails – (Pina colada, daiquiri, mai tai, bloody Mary, margaritas, screwdriver, white Russian, rum drinks etc.)
 Wine coolers and alcopops

OK, we alluded to the amount of sugar in Soda – here we go

For us non US folks – 12 oz = 354.882 ml

Product fl oz Sugar(g) g/oz
7-Up 12 37 3.08
Cherry Coke 12 42 3.5
Coca-Cola Classic 12 39 3.25
Dr Pepper 12 41 3.42
Fanta 12 22.8 1.9
Mountain Dew 12 46 3.83
Pepsi 1893 Cola 12 39 3.25
Pepsi Cola 12 41 3.42
Slurpee 16 50 3.12
Sprite 12 38 3.17
Vanilla Coke 12 42 3.5


A staggering 40g of sugar in a 330ml glass or bottle, now think of the sizes served in the cinema and popular food chains that serve burgers and claim to be healthy. Lets look at their serving sizes

In America, a small drink is 16 oz., a medium is 21 oz., and a large is 30 oz – now look at the table above.

So never mind a keto diet even following a healthy lifestyle you should be very careful.